Who We Are

We are a collective of experimental theatre writers pushing the edge of what live performance does.

The original Cut Edge group meets in New York City monthly to read original. We are beginning a second group, in the Twin Cities, from September 2021.

Both groups will continue to meet twice monthly: once separately in person for workshop, and once together via Zoom for a salon on subjects pertaining to experimental writing for performance.

From Our Writers

“Being a part of a group interested in stretching the fabric of theater to the near breaking point has helped me grow as an artist as well as introduce me to new theories and approaches to playwriting.”
– Libby Heily

“Our cohort of writers leaves me continually inspired to think critically about the many containers available to tell stories. The work we do at Cut/Edge brings together artists with wildly different goals and lived experiences, but always brings me back to the joys and practicalities of experimental performance work.”
Sophia Valera Heinecke

Accepting Applications to Our Twin Cities’ Group

We are accepting applications to join the Twin Cities group from writers in experimental theatre as well as submissions from Twin Cities actors who would like to participate in monthly workshop readings. Actors will be paid a modest stipend to participate.

Writers’ application deadline is August 15th, 2021. Actors’ submissions accepted any time.

We believe in paying artists for their time. If invited to the group, writers will be asked to contribute $100 into a pool to be used to pay actors for their time at the workshop reading (up to 5 actors per workshop). If a reading requires more than five actors, writers will be asked to cover a $20 stipend for each. The use of any remaining funds at the end of the yearly workshop cycle will be determined by the group and may go toward a public reading, a donation, or other purposes as agreed.

Questions? Reach us at cutedgecollective@gmail.com.