An Experimental Theatre Writers’ Collective
NYC, 2020

Playwrights, Application Deadline December 15th, 2019

Join us in 2020 in New York City, USA. We’ll meet twice monthly, on the second and third Tuesdays of each month (January-June; September-December). On the second Tuesday of each month, we will hear the work of a single writer out loud (read by actors) and discuss this writer’s work.

On the third Tuesday of each month, we will engage in a moderated philosophical discussion about where we’re at in terms of style, form, the direction of theatre/art today etc. Each accepted writer will have the chance to suggest a topic for the monthly salon, and lead the discussion. Attendance at these discussions is optional but encouraged.

The Dirt

Upon invitation, the rate is $120. This covers space to meet for an entire year and a very modest stipend for the actors who’ll read our words in front of people, for kicks and exposure presumably.

The Breakdown

  • To participate, you must be an experimental theatre writer. What do we mean by this? You must write for live performance and you must be in the process of creating something that isn’t “conventional.” This can include dialogue, structure, staging, character and/or character development, format or any other manner of pushing at normative theatrical boundaries. Teach us something.
  • The group is limited to 10-12 people and will be selected based upon the quality of the work submitted and availability, by Tom Block and Kevin Kautzman.
  • If you’re in New York City and able to commit to monthly events in Midtown, as well as participate in our monthly salons, also once a month, and write experimental work for theatre, do send a sample, segment or example and tell us why you want to be a part of the collective.

And So Who Is This For

  • Experimental Theatre Writers
  • Able to Commit to Twice Monthly Meetings in Manhattan, through 2020
  • With Compelling Samples
  • $120 for Space and Actors


  • What are you seeking in a group, very briefly? What's your playwriting background? Where are you located, and can you more or less guarantee you'll attend most of the events we put on, twice monthly in Midtown Manhattan?
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    5-10 pages of an experimental writing sample. Please send a .pdf.